Henrik von Wehrden

Henrik von Wehrden  is the dean of the faculty of sustainability at Leuphana and member of the methods center. His work focuses on applying methods in a new context to create novel knowledge. His research spans across many spatial scales and groups of organisms, as well as explored the normative dimensions of methodological research.


  • 2016-x Dean of the Faculty of Sustainability
  • 2016-x Full Professor at Leuphana University
  • 2010-x: Junior-Professor at the Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • 2009: Defense of the PhD („summa cum laude“)
  • 2009: Paternal leave
  • 2004: beginning of the PhD work: Vegetation mapping of the southern Mongolian Gobi – and beyond , financed by the FWF and the DAAD
  • 2003-2004: Habitat use of Przewalski horses (FWF project P14992)
  • 2003 diploma thesis: Vegetation mapping of the Gobi- Gurvan- Saykhan National Park using remote sensing and GIS as a basis for nature conservation and resource management
  • 1996-2002: University studies in Marburg, Germany (subjects geography, botany, geology and soil sciences).
  • born 1976 in Duisburg, Germany

Long-term: Mongolia, Argentina, Nepal, USA
Short-term: Spain, France, Ethopia, India, England, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic.


Two children (Linus Conrad von Wehrden *2009 & Alwin Vincent von Wehrden *2011) together with Heike Zimmermann.

  1. I like reading blogs on sustainable living & watching associated videos
  2. I am a fanatic of complex ecosystem services that are drinkable, especially Coffee, Green Tea and soda pops from micro-breweries.
  3. I love biographies and autobiographies, and regret that I can not spend more time to get guidance by reading from or about my idols.
  4. Tai Chi // Guitar // Yoga // Meditation //Gardening
  5. My core hobbies are light, sound and diet. I am fascinated by lightbulbs and lamps, headphones and speakers, and like to tinker with my plant based diet.
  6. www.gapminder.org ; www.ted.com ; http://www.youtube.com/user/kirstendirksen ; www.radiolab.org